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Launch Sensorbox


Launch SensorBox for use with the Launch X431 GDS to test any car with a 12 volt system

Launch Sensorbox is an optional extra for use with the Launch X431 GDS diagnostic machine

The sensorbox is connected to the Launch GDS via a USB cable and provides vehicle sensor simulation, DC voltage simulation, fixed frequency simulation, predefined waveform simulation and hand-drawing waveform simulation.  Sensor simulation testing is specially designed to diagnose and simulate vehicle sensor faults quickly and conveniently.

Vehicle sensors are the signal input devices for electrical control systems, which can transform all kinds of running parameters, such as vehicle speed, coolant temperature, engine RPM, air flow, throttle opening, etc., into the electronic signal for the vehicle computer which can optimise the best engine running status according per the above-mentioned parameters to keep the engine working at its best. The sensorbox also integrates the functions of an automobile multimeter which can be used amongst other things to perform voltage, resistance and frequency tests etc



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