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Capelec CAP 3600 GO Workshop kombinert 4-gass og røyktester

  • Multi-gas analyser: it is deployed for the analysis of exhaust gases
  • Opacimeter: it is used for the control of smoke emitted by diesel engines.

4 gas concentration :
- Hydrocarbon (HC)
- Oxygen (O2)
- Carbon monoxide (CO)
- Carbon Dioxide (CO2)

This generation benefits from advanced connectivity and a modular design, facilitating updates and new developments.

Before and After Report
In just a few minutes, the diagnosis is carried out and is presented in a detailed report. It exists in two versions: a technical version for the mechanic, and another for the driver which gives the state of the vehicle after servicing.

The results of the measurements (e.g. car, lorry, two-wheeler, camper, tractor, forklift or industrial vehicle) are certified by a laboratory.

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